About Us

The www.paygonline.com portal is the official website that AT&T Prepaid customers can visit to view their current plan details, information on plan consumption, extend plan validity by recharge, or change the current plan.

In this article, we try to explain in-detail about the PayGOnline portal and how you can make the best use of it.

What is AT&T Prepaid ?


If you’re not interested to purchase a postpaid plan from AT&T, then you will be glad to know that the company offers prepaid plans for interested customers as well.

AT&T Go Phone, currently known as AT&T Prepaid, is the name of the prepaid plans offered by AT&T to their customers. With the AT&T Prepaid plans, customers can choose to pay for the actual call talk time, SMS, and data that they use before-hand.

Thus, if you are someone who doesn’t have much use of an AT&T Postpaid plan and only have basic usage requirement throughout the month, then the AT&T Prepaid plans are the best choice for you.

What is the PayGOnline.com Website?

The www.PayGOnline.com website is the official website launched by AT&T to service their prepaid customers. By visiting the PayGOnline website and logging in to your personal account, you can see all the information related to your prepaid subscription with AT&T.

Moreover, you can also perform recharge activity to extend the validity of your current plan and further enjoy your AT&T prepaid plan benefits. Also, if you wish to change your AT&T prepaid plan to a different plan than what you are currently subscribed to, then you can do the same with the PayGOnline website as well.

PayGOnline Features 

Below is a quick outlook at the various features and benefits offered by the PayGOnline web portal for AT&T prepaid customers.

  • Unique Login Accounts: Each individual AT&T prepaid customer is given with a unique login account to the PayGOnline portal. Existing AT&T prepaid customers can create a PayGOnline account using their 10-digit wireless number by visiting the www.paygonline.com website.
  • Ability to View Plan Consumption: By logging in to your AT&T PayGOnline account, you can see the consumption so far for your prepaid plan. Thus, you will get to see all the information you need about the talk time, SMS balance, and data balance consumed so far from your current prepaid plan.
  • Opt for Another AT&T Prepaid Plan: By visiting the www.paygonline.com website, you can also choose to opt for another AT&T prepaid plan as well. Thus, if you wish to downgrade or upgrade the AT&T prepaid plan that you’re currently subscribed to, then you can do the same with the PayGOnline website.

AT&T PayGOnline Mobile App for iOS and Android

Up until the time of writing this article, there is no official AT&T PayGOnline mobile app for iOS or Android. Thus, if you wish to access AT&T features as a prepaid customer, then the only official option from AT&T that you have at the moment is the www.paygonline.com website.

However, if you are a AT&T postpaid customer, then the myAT&T application, which is available for both Android and iOS, will give you access to almost all the postpaid features you need as an AT&T customer on your mobile device.