PayGOnline – Login to Official Account

The PayGOnline website at is the official portal by AT&T which allows their customers to view the existing bill related to their AT&T prepaid account and settle any pending payments for the same. The portal also allows users to upgrade services offered by AT&T such as landline, mobile phone, internet, and U-verse.

In case you don’t already have a PayGOnline account, then you need to register for the same. Even account registration can be done within the website without any hassles. Also, you can buy feature packs, view plan details, view account history, etc. using the PayGOnline portal.

What is AT&T GoPhone (AT&T Prepaid)?


The AT&T Prepaid service, formerly known as AT&T GoPhone, is a service that allows interested people to purchase a no-contract service and phone from AT&T. Apart from no annual contract, the AT&T Prepaid service comes with other features such as easy activation and no credit check.

The AT&T Prepaid plans can start from $30 per month for 5GB high-speed internet and unlimited talk time/texts and can reach up to $75 per month for unlimited high-speed internet and unlimited talktime/texts.

About Monthly and Daily AT&T Prepaid Plans GoPhone

The AT&T Prepaid plans can be availed on a daily bases, wherein you will be charged $2 per day for the days you use the service. For $2, you get to enjoy unlimited calls and SMS throughout the day. You can also pay $1 extra to get 100MB of free AT&T mobile data.

There is also a usage-based subscription model, where you have to pay 25 cents for one minute of a voice call, 20 cents per SMS, and 1 cent per KB of mobile data used. This is especially useful for people looking to use the AT&T Prepaid Go Phone service for emergencies.

There are also a few online-only offers for AT&T Prepaid service, especially for customers who don’t mind paying for upcoming months in advance. If you choose to go with the 3-month advance payment plan, then you get to enjoy 8GB of mobile data per month for just $99. The same plan is offered for $180 if you pay for 6 months in advance, and $300 if you pay for 12 months in advance.

So, if you’re aware of your usage needs, need choosing a payment plan by paying the subscription fee upfront will give you the best discount on the overall plan cost.

What is the PayGOnline Portal

The PayGOnline website, as we mentioned in the introduction, is the official portal by AT&T that is very beneficial for AT&T Prepaid (AT&T GoPhone) customers.

Within the AT&T PayGOnline portal, each AT&T Prepaid user will have a dedicated individual login account, wherein they can view all the information related to the plan that they’re currently subscribed to. The portal also gives the option to recharge the current plan in case it’s validity is expiring/expired, and also the ability to upgrade or change the current plan in case the customer requires it.

How to Register for PayGOnline Account ?

Below are the steps you need to follow to register for an account within the portal by AT&T.

  1. Visit on any web-based browser of your preference.
  2. Once the web page loads up, click on the option titled “Forgot Password / New User” below the blue-colored “Sign in” button.
  3. Wait for the new web page to load up completely.
  4. Once loaded, you will be greeted with a form where you first need to enter the 10-digit wireless number associated with your AT&T prepaid account.
  5. After finishing step 4, tick the box next to “Request Online Password”. Don’t tick the box next to the “Request 4-digit PIN” option.
  6. Type the verification phrase in the text field provided as shown in the box above.
  7. Click on the “Send Temporary Password” option.

Once you finish step 7, a temporary password will be sent to the 10-digit wireless number you provided in step 4.

Do note that the temporary password will be sent to the wireless number as well as the email address associated with the wireless number. If you’re a wireless home phone customer, then you will receive a voice call anytime between 09:00 AM – 09:00 PM on Monday till Saturday. If on a Sunday, then you’ll receive the call between 12:00 PM till 09:00 PM.

How to Login to PayGOnline ?

Once you register for the account, then you can login to the portal using the credentials you now have. Below are the steps you need to follow to complete the login procedure.

  1. Visit on your web browser.
  2. You will see the login form where you are requested to enter the 10-digit wireless number and password for your PayGOnline account. Enter the same.
  3. After completing step 2, click on the “Sign in” button.

And that is all you have to do. If you have entered the correct wireless number and password combination, then you will instantly be given access to the PayGOnline account.

Also, in case you have used the temporary password to log in to the PayGOnline account, then you will have to reset your password for safety reasons. If you aren’t prompted to change the password upon first login, you can manually reach the option to change the password by visiting the “Change Password” option within your profile.

AT&T Prepaid Go Phone iOS and Android App

Unfortunately, there is no official iOS or Android app for AT&T Prepaid customers available at the moment. However, if you’re an AT&T postpaid customer, then you can download, install, and use the myAT&T app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android and iOS respectively.

You can download myAT&T for Android from here, and myAT&T for iOS from here.

If you’re directly searching for the myAT&T application within the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, make sure that you are only downloading the official application released by AT&T. The myAT&T application for both iOS and Android will be under the developer account name of “AT&T Services, Inc.”.